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Jim Harbaugh, 49ers Press Conference Coming Friday Afternoon

ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Jim Harbaugh was expected to agree to a five year contract with the San Francisco 49ers as their next head coach. The news was surprising because many reports had indicated he was leaning toward staying at Stanford along with QB Andrew Luck. Shortly after Schefter's report, the 49ers called a press conference for Friday afternoon.

That's a pretty good indication the 49ers are going to announce Harbaugh as the next head coach. 

SB Nation's Niners Nation has been tracking the Harbaugh coaching situation and clearly the majority of fans want him to come on board so I imagine the 49ers are excited to announce him at this press conference. 

The press conference will come at 6:30 p.m (ET). Check out Niners Nation for more on the hiring.