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Jim Harbaugh's 49ers Contract Reportedly Worth $25 Million Over Five Years

Now that we know Jim Harbaugh will leave Stanford to coach the San Francisco 49ers next season, it’s time for the details of his contract. According to Adam Schefter, it is a five-year deal worth a total of $25 million.

What’s somewhat surprising about the contract is that earlier in the week, the Miami Dolphins were reportedly offering Harbaugh around $7 million per year. Although that deal may not have been for the same length as the 49ers offer. It’s also worth considering that Harbaugh wanted to stay in the Bay Area, where he has coached Stanford for the last several seasons.

Harbaugh’s salary of $5 million per season is above average, but certainly not the most expensive in the NFL. New England’s Bill Belichick makes $7.5 million per year, and Washington’s Mike Shanahan and Seattle’s Pete Carroll both earn $7 million.

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