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2011 Cotton Bowl, LSU Vs. Texas A&M: Opening Kick Return Sets Up Early Aggies TD

We're underway, finally, in Arlington for the 2011 Cotton Bowl, after a delightful FOX interview with Pat Summerall and a tribute to Jim Brown that unforgivably slights his star turn in Mars Attacks! LSU wins the toss and defers; Texas A&M elects to receive, and just based on this first possession it seems a wise choice, because if the Tigers don't settle down in a hurry they could be in need of some serious help in the second half.

LSU's first problem is the opening kickoff, returned for 69 yards against John Chavis' vaunted defense to their own 31-yard line. The second problem is Ryan Tannehill, who's doing a yeoman's job of work in his late-season work filling in for Jerrod Johnson. Two mid-range passes by Tannehill, two short rushes by Cyrus Gray, and another Tannehill pass to Uzoma Nwachukwu lend the Aggies a touchdown lead. With 13:37 remaining in the first quarter, the score is Texas A&M 7, LSU 0.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream throughout the game for more live score updates and commentary, and connect with Tigers and Aggies fans at SB Nation's And The Valley Shook and I Am The 12th Man.