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2011 Cotton Bowl, LSU Vs. Texas A&M: Tigers Shoot Own Paws, Score Anyway

Jordan Jefferson takes the field at quarterback for the LSU Tigers in the 2011 Cotton Bowl, but his opening possession is reminiscent more of Jarrett Lee. A promising drive showcasing the feet of Jefferson and Stevan Ridley is cut short at Texas A&M's 24-yard line, where Jefferson sets, throws, and is intercepted just short of the goal line. The Aggies make short work of a long field but are held to a three-point attempt from 39 yards, and with 5:08 remaining in the first quarter hold a 10-0 lead.

LSU's offense takes the field to bail out ... LSU's offense. They're almost to midfield when Jefferson hits Chris Tolliver over the middle for a 42-yard touchdown. With 2:02 remaining in the first quarter, Texas A&M leads LSU, 10-7.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream throughout the game for more live score updates and commentary, and connect with Tigers and Aggies fans at SB Nation's And The Valley Shook and I Am The 12th Man.