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2011 Cotton Bowl, LSU Vs. Texas A&M: Trading Touchdowns In The Second

The first quarter of the 2011 Cotton Bowl draws to a close mid-possession for Texas A&M, and it couldn't come at a more opportune time, if you believe in that sort of thing: After a nice little 16-yard pass to Ryan Swope to convert the Aggies' first set of downs, Ryan Tannehill is sacked, fumbles, and is saved by a teammate flinging his body atop the ball. The teams swap endzones, Tannehill regroups ... and throws an incomplete pass on that will be third-and-21,  and then Randy Bullock goes and misses a 52-yard field goal. Yes, perhaps it's best not to believe in these things.

To our surprise (and to the utter dismay of the drama queens in the audience), Jarrett Lee does not emerge to quarterback the Tigers' next possession. Jordan Jefferson remains at the helm, and that's to the good: A four-minute drive captained by the rushing efforts of him and Stevan Ridley ends in a one-yard scramble for a touchdown, and the Tigers' first lead of the game.

Less than two minutes later, the lead is retaken, with hybrid Cyrus Gray throwing a scoring pass to Uzoma Nwachukwu, his second touchdown reception of the game, to retake the lead. With 8:00 remaining in the second quarter, Texas A&M leads LSU, 17-14.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream throughout the game for more live score updates and commentary, and connect with Tigers and Aggies fans at SB Nation's And The Valley Shook and I Am The 12th Man.