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2011 Cotton Bowl, LSU Vs. Texas A&M: Aggies Score Late But Can't Stop The Scoreboard Bleeding

Lo and behold, Texas A&M is showing signs of life in the fourth quarter of the 2011 Cotton Bowl. They're faint, and they likely won't be enough to keep them from losing to LSU, but it's something, so dry those unseemly tears, Corps of Cadets! You've got something to be proud of! Sort of!

Following the Tigers' last touchdown, Ryan Tannehill & Co. set up at their own 20-yard line. A five-minute, 53-yard possession goes nowhere, but LSU is kept from answering by the fierce winds of fate inside the Jerrydome, which blow Josh Jasper's 44-yard field goal attempt off course. That has to be it. (Or it's the announcers invoking the name of Colt David immediately before the attempt.)

A 16-yard rush by Tannehill on second down, an 11-yard pass to Jeff Fuller on the following play, and a 15-yard penalty by LSU are the biggest contributors to what will be Texas A&M's long-awaited scoring drive. The possession lasts about four and a half minutes and culminates in a 4-yard scoring pass from Tannehill to Kenric McNeal cuts the Tigers' lead to 11.

 ... or does it? Four minutes later Jasper nails a 51-yarder, the longest such kick in Cotton Bowl history, to put a little more space between his team and the Aggies. With 6:17 remaining in the game, LSU leads Texas A&M, 38-24.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream throughout the game for more live score updates and commentary, and connect with Tigers and Aggies fans at SB Nation's And The Valley Shook and I Am The 12th Man.