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Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl, No. 15 Nevada Vs. Boston College: Ted Williams Commercial To Debut

File this under "I had no idea," but Ted Williams, the homeless man with the golden voice, is popping up everywhere and will make his latest stop at the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl in San Francisco. Williams has been inundated with job offers since the Youtube video featuring his amazing voice went viral earlier in the week, receiving over four million hits in a day. On Sunday, his first commercial, for Kraft, will debut during the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl.

I wouldn't have known this had I not read SB Nation's Boston College blog, BC Interruption. Perhaps searching for reasons to get people interested in the game, BC Interruption put together the top-10 reasons to watch the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. Among the gems on the list is this:

The Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl is possibly the only college football matchup in history where both teams have offensive sets named after firearms. Though we haven't seen ours much this season. Maybe the Bazooka will make an appearance this weekend? See #4 below.

See? Worth the price of admission right there.

Boston College and Nevada hit the field in the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl at 9 p.m. EST on Sunday. The game will be televised by ESPN.

Stay tuned to this StoryStream right up through game time, as we review key unit matchups, odds, bowl history and more, and connect with BC fans at SB Nation's BC Interruption. For a complete list of bowl games scores, and highlights, browse our 2010-2011 college football postseason schedule.