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Texas A&M Football Bus Reportedly Vandalized, But No Police Report Filed

This conference realignment business may be more serious than we thought. The Texas A&M Aggies, current members of the Big 12 and future members of the SEC, had their team bus vandalized in Lubbock this past weekend. There were spray-painted vulgarities on the outside, and excrement on the inside. Lubbock police are supposedly investigating the matter. However, at the moment there apparently isn't anything to investigate.

"We have absolutely nothing on it. Not one report was received related to this incident, nor do we have any pictures," DPS Corporal John Gonzalez said.

LPD Spokesman Sgt. Jonathan Stewart said "We have no reports of the incident."

Texas Tech Communication Director Chris Cook admonished those who pointed fingers at the the Tech student body, because after all, we haven't ruled out that the A&M players didn't just do this themselves, right?

As soon as Missouri finds the head of a Bengal tiger in their overhead compartment we should all agree that realignment has gone too far and ought to be banned forever.

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