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Stephen Garcia Dismissed From South Carolina Football

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One week after losing his starting job to Connor Shaw, senior quarterback Stephen Garcia is no longer a member of the South Carolina Gamecocksthe school announced Tuesday. In a statement, coach Steve Spurrier commented on Garcia's exit from the program, making reference to Garcia's failure to meet certain objectives:

We are all saddened that this has occurred. We all feel like we've given Stephen numerous opportunities to be a student-athlete here at South Carolina. Obviously, he has chosen not to follow the guidelines of his reinstatement contract. We wish him the best.    

Similarly, athletic director Eric Hyman lamented Garcia's off-field performance:

Being a student-athlete at the University of South Carolina is a privilege, not a right, and we remind all of our student-athletes that there are consequences for their actions. For Stephen to return to and remain with the football squad this fall, we agreed on several established guidelines. Unfortunately, he has not been able to abide by those guidelines and has therefore forfeited his position on the roster. We wish him the best of luck as he moves forward in life.    

Garcia was suspended in the offseason for one or another act of rowdiness, one of many such suspensions he's received during his time in Columbia. He was reinstated just before the season, earning his starting job back from Shaw before handing it right back.

He'll be remembered as the quarterback who led South Carolina to its first-ever SEC Championship Game appearance, but more so as a talented player who couldn't stay out of mischief. He ranks third on South Carolina's all-time completions and touchdowns lists.

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