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Cam Newton NCAA Investigation Ends, And SEC Fans React

The NCAA's investigation into Cam Newton and any wrongdoing that took place between the quarterback and University of Auburn ended on Tuesday with the committee finding that nothing illegal took place. Not surprisingly, the fans around the SEC have reacted with passion regarding the news about the current starting quarterback for the Carolina Panthers.

On Track Em Tigers, an SB Nation blog devoted to covering Auburn athletics, they wrote a post simply entitled "Vindicated."

It never occurred to numerous journalists to look at the facts and actual evidence in the cases. Instead, unprecedented vitriol was directed at the Auburn family. It's certainly important to remember what Auburn endured, the next time such pieces are written about another school. The lesson: don't judge without evidence.

What is amazing is that it took this long for the NCAA to make the statement. There's no telling how much damage the atmosphere has caused Auburn recruiting. It hurt Auburn last season, too. Several awards were denied to Cam Newton over the allegations. Over a hundred Heisman voters left Cam off their ballots, all over unproven allegations. All those tales of "tainted titles," and Auburn probation/death penalty have proved to be hot air. I wonder what the next salvo against Auburn will be? Folks have tried to keep this campaign going, certainly.

Team Speed Kills, SB Nation's blog covering the SEC as a whole, also weighed in on what should be the end of talking about Newton's time as a Tiger -- even if people will probably continue to talk about it.

Auburn fans will see this as a vindication, while opponents will call it a cover-up. In other words, it's back to the message boards and conspiracy theories for those who still have the energy to talk about this after nearly a year.

There are always going to be questions surrounding Newton's recruitment, but those questions now have to acknowledge that the NCAA did a pretty thorough investigation and found nothing that it could prove. The controversy about Cam Newton is dead; long live the controversy about Cam Newton.

Surprisingly, the reaction seems to be pretty level-headed. Are there any crazy people out there interested in commenting on the NCAA's findings in the comments below to make this more exciting?