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VIDEO: USC's Zany Fourth-Down Attempt That Sort Of Almost Worked

Lane Kiffin will drag football into the future whether football likes it or not. Also, whether Kiffin knows which way the future is or not. His two-point conversion cheat sheet is actually a broken Game Boy with an Alien Olympics 2044 AD cartridge lodged inside. It doesn't tell him to go for two, but it doesn't really tell him not to.

Thursday night against Cal, Kiffin produced one of his finest kicking situation performances yet during a fourth-down attempt.

A wack-wack-wacky formation led to a fancy hot potato direct snap to Rhett Ellison (the player to Matt Barkley's immediate left in the pic below), who couldn't get a grip on the ball. Cal recovered.

We'll all make jokes because LOL Kiffin, but the play had a chance to work if not for the slippery handle. Doug Farrar preserved a photo of the formation, which is gorgeous enough even without what followed:


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