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Michigan Vs. Michigan State Score: Denard Robinson Finds Roy Roundtree, Wolverines Trail 21-14

Trailing by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter, the Wolverines needed a fast score. Fortunately for Michigan, they were gifted excellent field position, with Michigan State forced to punt out of the back of their end zone into 30 MPH wind. Jeremy Gallon returned the punt 18 yards, giving Denard Robinson the ball on Michigan’s 34-yard line.

On the very next play, Robinson hit Roy Roundtree with a quick pass in the middle of the field — Roundtree broke free for the easy touchdown, ending Michigan’s streak of seven consecutive punts and cutting Michigan State’s lead to 21-14. The entire possession to six seconds off the clock.

Michigan’s passing game has struggled a great deal today — and not only because of the wind. And Robinson has been in and out of the game, briefly missing time with an injured hand and again with what appeared to be an issue with his helmet. Devin Gardner hasn’t been much better in his place — the two quarterbacks have combined to complete just 10 of 27 passes.

Michigan got the ball back on the ensuing possession thanks to a Keshawn Martin fumble, but turned the ball over on downs. Michigan State will surely try to run the clock, but this one looks like it’ll go down to the wire.

Update: MSU punts the ball -- Michigan has the ball with six minutes and change left on the clock.

And ... another update: Denard Robinson throws a pick-6. MSU 28, Michigan 14.