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Michigan State Vs. Michigan Final Score: Paul Bunyan Trophy Remains In East Lansing

The Michigan St. Spartans have now beaten their in-state rivals four times in a row for the first time since 1962. Your final score: Michigan State 28, Michigan 14.

If you'd like a culprit, look to the Michigan Wolverines offensive line, which might have been more effective if it had literally laid down and forced MSU defenders to do the hurdles on their way to Denard Robinson and Devin Gardner. Sparty's D accumulated only five sacks, but it sure seemed like more. The two passers combined to complete 12 of 31 attempts and throw a pick six under such conditions.

On a crucial fourth-and-22 that was essentially Michigan's last chance, Gardner ran about 11 yards, backtracked and looked to be considering a throw before he was brought down. I don't think that's legal. Wish he would've tried it.

Edwin Baker will go down as the offensive star of the game, picking up 173 yards and a touchdown. Each team's uniform combination will go down what we can only hope is a very deep pit. THIS IS EAST LANSIIIIING.

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