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VIDEOS: William Gholston Wrenches Denard Robinson's Face Mask, Punches Lineman

The Michigan St. Spartans piled up 124 penalty yards in their win over the Michigan Wolverines. Most of them weren't of the DERP variety, but of something like a vintage Miami Hurricanes flavor. King Leonidas was whistled for kicking that guy down that hole though, so maybe that's the inspiration.

William Gholston's flags will be the most memorable. Here he is attempting to tear Denard Robinson's head off well after a play via a face mask twist:

Totally inexcusable, of course, but on his second personal foul for delivering a punch to Taylor Lewan's helmet, all I see is hands to faces all around:

Gholston should not run for mayor of Ann Arbor, and not because he is not yet old enough. 

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