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College Football Rankings: LSU Tops Harris Interactive Poll For Week 8

LSU takes two of three in the college football rankings for Week 8: the Tigers add a No. 1 ranking in the Week 8 Harris Interactive poll (PDF) to their No. 1 ranking in the Week 8 AP Poll, and look very good for the first BCS rankings of the 2011 college football season.

LSU snared 74 of 115 first-place votes in the Week 8 poll, almost three times the 25 that No. 2 Alabama garnered. The top nine of the poll remains unchanged from Week 7, and Michigan's fall from No. 10 to No. 17 is the first major correction in the top 25.

No. 12 Kansas State jumps into the top 15 after rallying to defeat Texas Tech, while Michigan State, which knocked Michigan from the realm of the unbeatens, makes the biggest leap in the Harris poll, moving up seven places from No. 22 to No. 15.

Here's the full Harris Interactive poll top 25 for Week 8:




2 Alabama


3 Oklahoma


4 Wisconsin


5 Boise State


6 Oklahoma State


7 Stanford


8 Clemson


9 Oregon


10 Arkansas


11 Nebraska


12 Kansas State


13 South Carolina


14 West Virginia


15 Michigan State


16 Virginia Tech


17 Michigan


18 Georgia Tech


19 Texas A&M


20 Illinois


21 Auburn


22 Houston


23 Arizona State


24 Penn State


25 Washington