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Big East Expansion: Navy, Air Force Key In Fee Increase, According To Report

The Big East voted on an exit fee increase that is aimed at making the conference a more attractive and stable destination for potential football schools.

The Big East is reportedly prepared to increase it's exit fee to $10 million if Navy and Air Force join the conference as football-only members. On Monday night, Big East presidents and chancellors voted unanimously in favor of the increase, according to's Brett McMurphy.

The hike in exit fee represents an increased financial committment from the leagues remaining members: Cincinnati, Connecticut, Louisville, Rutgers, South Florida and West Virginia. That's purpose of the $5 million increase -- to help convince Navy and Air Force that the remaining Big East member schools are committed to the conference. The services academies are reportedly interested in joining the conference as football-only schools, but want to be sure they are moving into a stable situation.

With the recent shifts in the college football landscape ongoing and dramatic, that is a reasonable concern. Via McMurphy:

Less than an hour before the Big East’s presidents and chancellors held their teleconference Monday night with Commissioner John Marinatto, the New York Times reported Missouri’s departure from the Big 12 was "inevitable and imminent."

That development would have a significant impact on the league, specifically Big East members Louisville and West Virginia, who sources have told are prime candidates to receive a Big 12 invitation if Missouri left. However, all of the Big East’s 14 members still voted unanimously for the increased exit fee.

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