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Missouri To SEC Reports Have Big 12's Chuck Neinas Waiting And Seeing

Pete Thamel of the New York Times has reported what many have expected for a while now: the Missouri Tigers are on their way to becoming a member of the SEC. But what about the Big 12? How does the Big 12 feel about all this? 

Big 12 commissioner Chuck Neinas told CBS Sports he's "not heard anything" that would give him the impression Mizzou's about to bolt. Nor had he, at the time, yet read the Times report. Neinas also says he feels Missouri's next Board of Curators meeting regards the appointment of a new systems president, not conference realignment.

Neinas is more on top of things than certain other conference commissioners of whom we could speak. He may not have the latest information, but he's also got a backup plan in case the Tigers do split. Expect the Big 12 to bring on one to three schools in order to get back to double digits soon.

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