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Big East Expansion Could Lead To Football Title Game In New York City

Big East commissioner John Marinatto wisely took a moment out of basketball media day to discuss conference realignment. If he hadn't, the topic might have ended up taking attention from the league's most prized sport. A few of the key details from his message:

The Big East hopes to expand to 12 in football, but will happily feature 14 for the duration of Syracuse's and Pitt's remaining stay. He has no plans to let the ACC have its new acquisitions before the end of that 27-month waiting period.

With 12 football schools, the Big East could have a conference title game. Marinatto proposes New York City. (Hearing that, the ACC likewise proposed New York City. They didn't, but don't put it past them.)

The new Big East exit fee, from $5 million to $10 million, takes effect once a new school joins. Little pressure on West Virginia and Louisville to make a decision soon, perhaps? Not that an extra few mil is going to keep a school in the Big East by any means.

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