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College Football Rankings: Week 6 AP Poll Puts LSU On Top Again

The Week 6 AP Poll will be satisfying for the fan who likes the college football rankings to be based on the on-field accomplishments of a team during the season. LSU and Alabama, unquestionably the most accomplished teams of the 2011 schedule so far, come in at No. 1 and No. 2 in the Week 6 AP Poll Top 25, respectively, according to the AP Poll on Twitter.

The Tigers and Crimson Tide both have three wins over ranked teams, and two of the three, in both teams' cases, came away from home.

Elsewhere, Wisconsin roars into the top four after its dismantling of Nebraska, Clemson soars to No. 8 after a third straight win over a ranked team, Texas and Michigan creep closer to top 10 re-entry, Auburn vaults back into the poll after beating South Carolina, and Kansas State appears in the poll for the first time this season after a shootout victory over Baylor.

The full AP Poll top 25 for Week 6:




2 Alabama


3 Oklahoma


4 Wisconsin


5 Boise State


6 Oklahoma State


7 Stanford


8 Clemson


9 Oregon


10 Arkansas


11 Texas


12 Michigan


13 Georgia Tech


14 Nebraska


15 Auburn


16 West Virginia


17 Florida


18 South Carolina


19 Illinois


20 Kansas State


21 Virginia Tech


22 Arizona State


23 Florida State


24 Texas A&M


25 Baylor