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Rick Neuheisel's UCLA Job Could Depend On More Than Just Another Bowl Trip

Depending on how you read UCLA Bruins athletic director Dan Guerrero's latest comments on football coach Rick Neuheisel, you might conclude the Bruins will need to win the Pac-12 South in order for the coach to remain in Westwood. You'll definitely conclude Guerrero should take a break from sharing so many read-between-the-lines thoughts. I think.

The critical portions of his weekly blog:

That said, in order to compete on the national stage, we must first achieve success in the Pac-12 Conference. Rick, his staff and players have worked hard to get us to the point where we are presently in position to vie for the championship in the South division ... Among the expectations for this year is to get back into a bowl game; to not accomplish this goal for a second consecutive season would be a disappointment. But be assured that returning to a bowl is just one of several steps we need to take to get this program to the level we all desire.

The statement was meant to clarify Guerrero's own earlier admission that Neuheisel's job status at UCLA was "day-to-day."

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