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Arizona Vs. UCLA Score: Wildcats Take First Lead Since Sept. 3

You do not want to watch this game, so here's the only fun fact you'll need to know in order to act like you actually went through with it: Nick Foles found Juron Criner for an opening-drive touchdown to give the Arizona Wildcats their first lead in over 300 minutes of football. Then 59 more minutes of weeknight Pac-12 South football occurred.

This was how the unthinkable happened:



Yes, the UCLA Bruins are really bad. Lest we remind you Zona is being coached by an interim coach who's been on the job for 10 days? Speaking of coaching changes, Rick Neuheisel is not off to a strong Thursday night. What? Neuheisel was hired in 2008. Thats a coaching change.

The last time Arizona was beating anybody, it was the Northern Arizona Lumberjacks in Week 1. Since then they've come up just short in two of their losses and gotten blown out of the other three. 

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