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Arizona Vs. UCLA Update: Nick Foles, Juron Criner Enjoying Thursday Scrimmage

The UCLA Bruins defense is so bad. So so bad. The Arizona Wildcats, whose coach has been their coach for a week or so, are flaying the boys from Westwood, 28-7, with 37 minutes worth of football left to go. Nick Foles has pitched a pair of goal line touchdowns to Juron Criner, the first a breezy affair after the afflicted defender excused himself. The latter score forced Criner to engage in rude behavior:

Video via @cjzero

Stat of the night so far: Arizona has 139 rushing yards in the second quarter. They average 71, which ranks 119th in the country.

On the upside, UCLA's offense has been able to make a little noise despite fumbling away one drive. They managed to reach field goal range midway through the second, but trotted out a walk-on kicker for his first career attempt. It missed to the left. I said a LITTLE noise.

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