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VIDEO: Arizona Vs. UCLA Halftime Brawl Sparked By Streaker Dressed As Ref

Here we have the very best thing to emerge from the entire sad Thursday evening conflagration between the Arizona Wildcats and UCLA Bruins: a rumble just before halftime that was apparently brought on by a fan who ran onto the field. Arizona's Shaq Richardson and UCLA's Taylor Embree were tossed.

He was described by the booth as both a "knucklehead" and as someone who dressed up as a Pac-12 referee, but we repeat ourselves. The participant whistled a play dead, then disrobed while still gaining more yardage than UCLA's entire offense.

Video of the bout, from start to finish, is available right here:

This will be our last bulletin from Tucson until this sad chapter in sports history has subsided, unless something fantastic happens, like perhaps a naked UCLA player putting all his street clothes back on as he runs into the stands.

The Wildcats are shredding the Bruins, 42-7, after only 30 minutes. This game, the first for Arizona interim coach Tim Kish, could also very well be the last for UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel.

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