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Rick Neuheisel's UCLA Job Safe Until End Of Season, Says Dan Guerrero

Now he tells us. After making at least two iffy comments about the job status of football coach Rick Neuheisel, UCLA Bruins athletic director Dan Guerrero came out and said something definitive. And definitively good, for the coach. It took a nationally televised, 48-12 curbing at the hands of the Arizona Wildcats for it to happen, though.

Here's Guerrero to ESPN:

We'll evaluate at the end of the year like we always evaluate and make determinations (of) what we're going to do at that point. But right now, all this talk about him staying or him going, that does nothing for our team that is trying to regroup and go out there every week and play hard and try to win football games.    

At the moment, the Bruins are still somehow only a game out of first place in the Pac-12 South despite having a losing overall record. Based on earlier comments by Guerrero, a division title sounds like goal No. 1 for Neuheisel. Not that anybody foresees it happening, but it's still possible. I guess.

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