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Anthony Conner Injury: Louisville Cornerback Breaks Neck During Friday Night Matchup

Louisville cornerback Anthony Conner was carted off the field on Friday night after a scary hit in which his head and Rutgers wide receiver Mohamed Sanu's knee collided during a tackle. Sanu was sent head-over-heels, but Conner laid motionless on the turf following the hit, with trainers rushing to attend to him. And though Conner moved his arms and gave the thumbs up as he was leaving the field, we later learned he had broken his neck.

There is good news in this all: Conner was not paralyzed by the hit, which is some sort of small consolation. However, nobody on the team is taking it well, head coach Charlie Strong said after the game.

"It’s just so tough anytime you lose a player," said Strong, who kept tapping the side of the podium as he spoke. "It’s what happens in this game, but you just never think it’ll happen to one of your own. For that to happen, it is, it’s sad. I think our players, I told them right after the game. I ended up telling them about it, and some of them didn’t take it very well. The whole team didn’t take it very well."

It's just never, ever good to see a young man sustain a serious injury on the field of play. Thoughts go out to Conner as he recovers from his injuries.

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