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Nebraska Vs. Minnesota 2011: Sometimes, It Just Isn't Your Year

The Minnesota Golden Gophers are having a rough year, between head coach Jerry Kill's health problems and the fact that Minnesota just aren't a very good football team, things are going poorly. They now sit at 1-6 after their 41-14 loss to the Nebraska Cornhuskers, and it's a wonder that they were even able to score two touchdowns. And that's against a bad Huskers defense, at home.

Taylor Martinez and Rex Burkhead ran the ball consistently throughout the game, while Kenny Bell ripped off an 82-yard home run. The Huskers ran for 346 yards and three touchdowns on the night as the Gophers appeared to have absolutely no answer for what Nebraska offered on the ground.

Minnesota scored a couple of consolation touchdowns late, but the game was almost over before it started. Nebraska went into halftime up 34-0, then didn't really put in the same level of effort in the second half. It's hard to blame them.

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