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Suspended LSU Football Players Can Only Play Vs. Alabama With AD's, Chancellor's Permission

Louisiana State chancellor Michael Martin -- who's been continuing the LSU #realtalk tradition today -- told USA Today that suspended LSU Tigers players Tyrann Mathieu, Spencer Ware and Tharold Simon will only be allowed to play against the Alabama Crimson Tide on Nov. 5 if they get the all-clear from both Martin and athletic director Joe Alleva. That's an extremely long sentence.

The three were suspended for last week's game against the Auburn Tigers, reportedly due to failing a test for synthetic marijuana. Here's Martin on the future of the trio:

"The athletic director will ultimately make the decision, (and) he'll consult with me," Martin said when asked about possible reinstatement. "Fortunately for them and the team, they have two weeks to get their act together because we have a bye week. They have been directed to some counseling, and they will now be subject to greater scrutiny for the remainder of their time at LSU."    

Few expect the Heisman-worthy Mathieu and his talented teammates to miss that prime time game between the two top teams in the country. Also not sure how much of a leaf one can turn over in only two weeks. But if specific conditions have been set for their return, every college football fan in the country should hope they can do it*.

* Spoiler alert: they will.

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