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Jerrell Powe's Forward Rebels Letter On AD Pete Boone: Ole Miss 'Can Do Better'

Mississippi Rebels fans aren't happy with athletic director Pete Boone. This may have become obvious to you at some point. Now former Ole Miss players are joining in -- Jerrell Powe, a former defensive tackle now with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Powe was a five-star recruit who chose Ole Miss over Auburn and LSU, but spent years in prep schools before finally being admitted to play. He became a starter and was picked in the sixth round. Here's the text of his letter to Forward Rebels, an Ole Miss fan group that concerns itself with Boone's eventual replacement, in which Powe alleges Boone "discouraged" him during his academic "struggle."

Dear Ole Miss Friends:

Today, I am a Forward Rebel.

I have struggled for years about whether to take a stand against some of the problems at Ole Miss, and those things have been easier to put aside while playing in the NFL. But, now that thousands are finally speaking up, I am encouraged to state the truth.

Ole Miss Athletics can do better. As you all know, I worked for several years just to be able to be an Ole Miss Rebel, and I was driven by my two dreams: to play in the NFL and to get an education. I've achieved the first goal, and I plan on coming back and working to finish my degree during my off-seasons. During my struggle, many people encouraged me, and many people from Ole Miss were instrumental in my admission and career. Some were not.

Throughout my two and a half year fight to go to college, one voice of encouragement was noticeably missing, and that voice was Athletic Director Pete Boone's. While you would think that Mr. Boone would want me to go to school, and even more to play for Ole Miss, he was, if anything, discouraging to me during my struggle. Although many are familiar with Mr. Boone's desire to keep me out, I have held it back for a while.

But, now is the time to speak, and I am excited that Ole Miss fans are finally calling for change. Although I have a personal story to share here, Ole miss is personal to all of our fans, and I hope that Ole Miss will step up and go get that national candidate who can lead Ole Miss out of the past and into the future.

It's Time!


Jerrell Powe

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