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Lou Holtz Doesn't Think Notre Dame Needs A Tummy Tuck

Lou Holtz is in the booth for Wednesday night's game between the Pittsburgh Panthers and Connecticut Huskies. You might think this is a bad idea, but I assure you it is most certainly not. Why, you might ask, is it a good idea for Lou Holtz to be in the booth babbling on about whatever? Because the game is boring and Lou Holtz may be out of his mind.

I give you this, which relates to Notre Dame and plastic surgery.

"Notre Dame does not need a tucky... tummy tuck or a facial uplift. All you need to do is comb your hair and win a championship"

As I said, must see TV. At least he was talking about tucky, errrr, tummy tuck and not liposuction or other ... enhancements.

Mark May, your thoughts?


Via Jay Christensen

There's still a half of football left and Mark May's head may explode soon. Tune in now!