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Big 12 Expansion: West Virginia, Louisville May Both Get An Invitation

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Turns out, the way to ensure a school gets its way in conference realignment is to just muddy up the situation a bit. After Wednesday's cat fight between Louisville and West Virginia -- two schools, one invitation, a whole lot of arguing -- the Big 12 may now bring both schools on. By the end of the day, lawmakers were involved, congressional investigations were threatened and now, perhaps, we have some kind of resolution.

The report comes from Chuck Carlton and makes me want to hug something.

Because of the messy, awkward situation, two sources say Big 12 might consider Louisville and WVU together as a compromise.

A compromise in realignment! This can't be real. It just can't.

Whether or not this happens remains to be seen. The Big 12 is hoping to end its expansion quest when it reaches 10 schools, but inviting both West Virginia and Louisville would put the conference at 11 -- or, one away from an accurate name.

Missouri is, once again, the key here. Whenever the Tigers opt to leave for the SEC, the Big 12 will have two open spots. Thus, the two invitations and, perhaps, the compromise.

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