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Ray Graham Injury Robs Pitt Of Best Player

The Pittsburgh Panthers lost star running back Ray Graham to a knee injury Wednesday night against the Connecticut Huskies. Graham ranks fifth in the nation in yards from scrimmage with 145.5 per game and fourth in total rushing yards. That's about 80 yards per game more than Pitt's second most productive offensive player.

To say his loss changes Pitt's offense is an understatement. The good news is he hasn't been ruled out for the rest of the season yet. From Pitt blog Cardiac Hill:

There's no way to sugarcoat this and while the team needed the win, this hurts. I've theorized where this offense might be without Graham in the past, and it looks like we might find out soon.

If you're looking for a positive to take away from the injury, Graham appeared upbeat on the sidelines after his return, often seen smiling. That could be anything, but I'll choose to think it means he could come back this year. In his absence, the running was, as expected, down.

The other good news for Pitt fans is the Panthers won the game, meaning a hoped-for Graham return could contribute to a BCS game run.

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