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Gene Smith Thinks Only Small Number Of Schools Could Cover $2,000 Stipend

According to Ohio State Athletic Director Gene Smith, only "60-70%" of the 347 Division 1 schools would be able to afford the cost of paying student-athletes $2,000 under NCAA President Mark Emmert's new proposal.

Under the proposal, conferences will have the option to participate or not. So colleges are not required to take advantage of the rule change.

Also, schools have an option to either provide $2,000 or to receive additional athletics aid up to the full cost of attendance.

Schools will essentially have the option to pay their players up to $2,000 in addition to their scholarships. Power conferences like the Big Ten and SEC have lobbied for this change, since their schools have the money to throw around $2,000 like it's nothing.

No word on whether or not Gene's OSU will participate but something tells me, if they want to, they'll be more than able.

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