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PHOTO: Missouri To SEC Announcement Published On Accident

There are a few scenarios for what happened on the official SEC website Thursday night. Someone may have published a canned selection of articles relating to Missouri accepting an invitation to join the SEC, effective in 2012 according to the published material. Someone also may have placed the articles on the SEC website by nefarious means in an effort to create some kind of embarrassing situation. Or the articles could've been staged, published and hidden, with administrator's underestimating the resourcefulness of college football fans.

No matter how it happened, multiple articles hailing the Tigers as the SEC's 14th members were published on Oct. 22 and discovered on Thursday. They include the "official announcement," interviews with college sports experts, a closer look at Missouri and various supplementary material.

According to the article, the move was announced on Monday, or scheduled to be announced Monday. Clearly nothing happened, but it sure looks like the move is all but official. Screenshots after the jump.

Here's the announcement, which leads wall-to-wall coverage of the Tigers' move to the SEC, or impending move. 


I'm not even sure what to make of this, but one has to wonder how many people knew about Missouri's move and were embargoed -- assuming the pages are real, of course.


If nothing else, this all seems to confirm an announcement is coming and Missouri's move to the SEC will be made official soon. The articles were pulled, at least for now, shortly after they spread like wildfire on various social media platforms on Thursday night.