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College Football Rankings: Week 10 Harris Poll Begins With LSU, Alabama, Too

No surprise: it's a clean sweep for LSU and Alabama in the Week 10 college football rankings. The two SEC titans come in No. 1 and No. 2, respectively, in the Week 10 Harris Poll (PDF) after doing the same in the Week 10 AP Poll and the Week 10 USA Today coaches poll.

Just like in the other two human polls, the Harris Poll holds its top five steady: Oklahoma State, Stanford, and Boise State follow LSU and 'Bama in order. The only wrinkle with the Harris Poll? Stanford receives a first-place vote, the lone one that didn't go to either LSU or Alabama.

Elsewhere, Clemson fell four spots to No. 10 after its first loss of the year, Kansas State dropped five spots after being shellacked by Oklahoma, and Georgia Tech stormed back into the top 25 at No. 21 after knocking Clemson from the ranks of the unbeaten.

Here's the full Harris Interactive Poll for Week 10:




2 Alabama


3 Oklahoma State


4 Stanford


5 Boise State


6 Oregon


7 Oklahoma


8 Arkansas


9 Nebraska


10 Clemson


11 South Carolina


12 Virginia Tech


13 Michigan


14 Houston


15 Kansas State


16 Penn State


17 Michigan State


18 Wisconsin


19 Arizona State


20 Georgia


21 Georgia Tech


22 West Virginia


23 Cincinnati


24 Texas


25 Auburn