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LSU Vs. Alabama: Suspended Players Don't Seem All That Suspended Anymore

It wouldn't be Monday without Les Miles quotes, and this time around some of his finest utterances are highly relevant to the impending game of the year. While Tyrann Mathieu, Spencer Ware and Tharold Simon are all expected to play for the LSU Tigers against the Alabama Crimson Tide, Miles may have said so during his regular press conference:

Randy Rosetta@RandyRosetta #LSU coach Les Miles: On whether Ware, Mathieu and Simon will start "I would expect that they will play as they have in the past."    

So, there you have it! The Synthetic Three will play. But, really, the longer you stare at a Les Miles quote, the more you start to wonder about what he might have actually meant ...


  • I would expect that they will play as they did last week, when they did not play. What they did, in fact, do was to go and find, as if it were new to them, because it is.
  • I would expect that they will play, if I were prone to expecting. I am not one who can be given such a circumstance and be found to have absorbed it with that level.
  • I would expect that they will play as they have in the past, before they were members of this university's football team. The oldest one of them will be remembered for a long time as a strong, compassionate worker who makes mistakes.
  • I would expect that. They will play as. They have in the past.
  • They'll play. We've just gotta avoid turnovers and execute. Avoid careless mistakes like giving the football away. We've just gotta execute better and hang on to the football. <-- you are so very glad Les Miles does not speak like this
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