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West Virginia To Sue Big East In Order To Leave For Big 12, According To Report

Hey, what's the worst thing in the world? Conference realignment during football season? Yes! Now, what's the next worst thing in the world? Lawsuits, maybe? Good thing nobody's thought to combine them in a really long tiOH NOOO:

Brett McMurphy@McMurphyCBS West Virginia to file suit against Big East so it may join Big 12 next year, according to document obtained by @CBSSports

At issue: the West Virginia Mountaineers want to leave the Big East for the 2012 season, while the Big East wants to hold WVU to that 27-month waiting period. The battle lines were instantly and publicly drawn right here, though there's also a report that the Mountaineers are willing to pay more than four times the Big East's $5 million exit fee in order to realign. 

So ... yeah. Just when conference realignment looked to be settling down for a while, it looks like we're guaranteed another saga. Really just wish the Big East would realize we're talking about West Virginia, a state that once successfully seceded from a seceded state. They're pretty good at disassociating with stuff.

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