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The Big East Career Fair: Don't Bring Up Exit Compensation Packages

Loyalty. Honesty. Integrity. Tradition. These are the issues the Big East accused Syracuse, Pittsburgh, TCU and West Virginia of being deficient in when they each decided to leave the conference recently.

One must wonder there a correlation between the way a university leaves one athletic conference for another and the values that its engineering students take with them into the workplace? We're about to find out at the Big East Career Fair, which is an actual thing.

The Fair is for, "without exception only students and alumni from the 17 Big East Conference schools noted in this website." The website still lists Syracuse, Pittsburgh, West Virginia and TCU, so grads from those institutions better prep for a lot of awkward interview questions.

"So I see you graduated from West Virginia University. Tell me, at what point did you sell your soul and how do you feel you can contribute to an organization like FedEx without one?"

"In your studies at Pittsburgh, did you ever take any ethics classes or are those banned from campus?"

"It says here you studied at Syracuse. Tell me something...what do you guys have against the Navy and the Air Force? Do you hate America? DO YOU?"

"Sign this non-compete clause. Yes, I know the interview hasn't even started yet. Just sign it."

They should probably stop letting Big East Commissioner John Marinatto conduct all of the interviews...