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Bryce Brown To Leave Kansas State, Declare For NFL Draft, According To Report

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Which school will running back Bryce Brown next play for? According to one report, the Kansas St. Wildcats migrant by way of the Tennessee Volunteers and Miami Hurricanes won't, in fact, play for a school.

Knoxville's Jimmy Hyams reports Brown has been staying in the area, "doesn't plan to play college football anymore," and "hopes to get drafted and play in the NFL next year." We also learn Brown will attend the Vols' upcoming game against the Georgia Bulldogs and attempt to run a 4.4-second 40-yard dash at some point, just a tick away from the 4.3s he was reportedly putting up in high school.

Even considering Brown's travels, that's disappointing. The former five-star has had the talent to catch on with any team in the country, but what NFL team is going to take a chance on a player who's changed his allegiance three times since 2008? 

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