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Big East Expansion: SMU Shouldn't Expect TCU's Help, FYI

TCU Horned Frogs coach Gary Patterson has not had an especially punch-pulling week. After having an existential moment following Saturday's loss, Patterson has now made note that the SMU Mustangs are on their own in the great conference realignment shuffle of 2011:

SMU got a lot of help from us over the last three or four years. They are not going to get any help about a game or a conference; they are going to get no help from Gary Patterson. Don't ask me about anything. We've bent over backwards to help them because that's what I believe in.    

SMU was reportedly raised as a potential Big East buddy for TCU. It would make sense to have more than one school in the Metroplex (or even in the same, like, region of the country) so that they could develop a really intense rivalry. Or it's already too intense. I don't know.

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