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Ohio State The 'Poster Child For Compliance,' Says Gordon Gee

Here's Ohio State president Gordon Gee, riddling you with his particular language techniques in the wake of freshly churned NCAA troubles:

The head of Ohio State University says the school's new trouble with the NCAA is not a sign of bigger problems but instead shows that the school is the "poster child for compliance."    

Again, Ohio State players were found worthy of further suspensions while waiting to serve their original suspensions. Problems don't get much bigger than that. After last year's "Little Sisters of the Poor" misuse, everything Gee says reminds me of Ron Burgundy's "when in Rome" confusion (it's from a pretty old movie, maybe you haven't seen it).

What does he think "poster child" means?

Technically, sure, Ohio State compliance officials did their jobs this time by pointing out the error, just as their counterparts at every other school in the country aim to do. Reeeeeeeeally nothing to brag about at any step of the way for the Buckeyes here, though, and it's probably best for everybody if Ohio State just goes radio silent for a while.