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Maurice Clarett On Ohio State: 'Gene Smith Knows The Truth'

The Ohio St. Buckeyes are playing in Nebraska this Saturday, the home of both the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Omaha Nighthawks. Former Buckeyes Troy Smith and Maurice Clarett play for the Nighthawks. Off we go.

As you might expect, the two grown men have a lot of informed and distanced things to say about Ohio State, overbearing college football fandom and the NCAA, and this Omaha World-Herald piece is so dense with quotes you could come up with 10 different things to say about it.

Other than their defenses of Jim Tressel, admissions that football recruits know who's getting paid and ain't-sayin'-just-sayin' comments about athletic director Gene Smith and the athletic department in general, here's perhaps the most striking quote:

"I've said this: The UFL would actually be bigger if they scouted and signed high school players. And you get paid a real salary, then you go to Bellevue or UNO, a respected school in the city. Then the NCAA has to compete."

Then again, there's Smith calling himself "the scapegoat," which reminds you of Terrelle Pryor's exit from Columbus. Kinda hard to pick just one.

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