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Conference Realignment: Navy Asks Big East To Stabilize, Won't Make Firm Commitment

The Big East is still hemorrhaging football schools -- TCU, which wasn't actually a member quite yet, was the latest -- and the future looks bleak for the remaining members. At present, the Big East is looking to fill the gaps left by the departure of Syracuse, Pittsburgh and TCU, but nobody's quite ready to jump into the unstable mess.

Navy athletic director Chet Gladchuk discussed the state of the Big East and the Midshipmen's possible interest in conference membership following TCU's decision to join the Big 12 on Thursday. His response amounted to standing by as the Big East sinks while telling officials to grab a bucket.

"As I said from the beginning, our position remains comfortable as an independent," Gladchuk said. "We’ve had discussions with the Big East about possible membership. There is no timetable or sense of urgency on our part. We asked the Big East to stabilize. Obviously this is a step back for them."
“As it stands today, the issue is not ours. The issue is theirs. They’ve got to figure out how to right the ship,” Gladchuk said.

Gladchuk sure didn't sound like a man about to jump onto the sinking ship. Instead, his statement reads more like, "fix it, then we'll think about it."

Stay tuned for more conference realignment news as it becomes available.