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VIDEOS: LaMichael James' Injury And Postgame Interview

It's hard not to have a ton of respect for LaMichael James after watching him take the podium and talk to reporters on Thursday night. Just an hour after leaving the field in an air cast and in obvious pain after his elbow bent awkwardly during a pile-up, James told reporters, simply, "I'm fine." He joked, laughed and casually talked about popping his elbow back into place on the field like it was nothing.

The video snippets from his interview below are quite the sight.

It seems almost unfathomable that James will be back quickly, but he contended that his injury is nowhere near season-ending, and that he didn't break any bones. It seems to be a case where the injury looked significantly worse than it actually was.

Either way, James comes off as an incredibly focused player who suffered what appeared to be a gruesome injury, only to shrug it off like it was nothing. It's hard not to respect him, and his toughness, after watching how he dealt with the injury in his postgame interview.

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