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College Football Rankings: LSU Remains Atop AP Poll In Week 7

Oklahoma led the Week 7 USA Today coaches poll, but the Sooners are far from a consensus No. 1 in the college football rankings. LSU and Alabama both come before Oklahoma in the Week 7 AP Poll.

The Tigers routed Florida on Saturday, giving them four wins over ranked teams in the 2011 college football season, and minimally bolstered their lead on the Crimson Tide and Sooners in the Week 7 poll, now holding a 45-point advantage over Alabama after having a 38-point edge in Week 6.

But the bigger news may be that Florida and Florida State fell out of the top 25, making this week's AP Poll the first time that Florida, Florida State, and Miami have all been unranked in the AP Poll since the December 6, 1982 poll — a span of 473 weeks.

Here's the full Week 7 AP Poll top 25:


2 Alabama

3 Oklahoma

4 Wisconsin

5 Boise State

6 Oklahoma State

7 Stanford

8 Clemson

9 Oregon

10 Arkansas

11 Michigan

12 Georgia Tech

13 West Virginia

14 Nebraska

15 South Carolina

16 Illinois

17 Kansas State

18 Arizona State

19 Virginia Tech

20 Baylor

21 Texas A&M

22 Texas

23 Michigan State

24 Auburn

25 Houston