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Miami Football Scandal: Al Golden Could Get Contract Do-Over, According To Agent

Of all those thrown in harm's way by Nevin Shapiro's claims about Miami Hurricanes football, few landed quite as hard as new head coach Al Golden. He's done nothing wrong, but has to lead the program into what will certainly be its darkest era anyway. On that note, the school has approached Golden about re-doing his five-year contract, his agent Brett Senior told CBS Sports.

Whether that means a new escape clause, Senior didn't say, but he did reference "options."

Two months ago Golden was asked about whether he's reconsidered signing on with the U, knowing what he knows now:

No, no, no. We'll get through this. Sometimes, as a coach, you don't know what the source is. You can see the symptoms when you take a new job ... I knew there were symptoms here when I took the job, otherwise I wouldn't have the opportunity. ... we found out there were more than just symptoms. ... But this is a great job.    

Senior also pointed out the Canes could be "crippled" for half a decade by their still-brewing NCAA troubles. That's actually a low estimate.

We'll have more here on the Miami football scandal as it drags along over the coming years. To check in with Canes fans, head over to Miami blog The 7th Floor.