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Big East Expansion: Unnamed Invites Sent, Reportedly Only To Football Schools

Big East commissioner John Marinatto closed out a series of conference meetings with an address to media on Tuesday. Key among his comments: the Big East will expand to 12 teams as planned, and invites should begin going out within the next week. No surprises there. Oh, and West Virginia's lawsuit is no good.

He declined to name any of the schools getting invites, but it was reported by Mark Viera that non-football schools are included in the mix. That part would definitely be news, as the list of expected additions (Boise State, UCF, Navy, Air Force, SMU, Houston and maybe Temple) doesn't include any schools that don't play football.


Brett McMurphy@McMurphyCBS Reports of Big East extending "non-football memberships" inaccurate. They will offer invites to schools for football-only & all-sports    

So there goes that idea. Here's an entirely speculative look at just what that kind of thing could look like if it were to actually happen, though.

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