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Joe Paterno Fired In The Weirdest Way Possible

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We know Joe Paterno was fired by phone -- a necessary move considering the circumstances and situation in State College this week. But the whole story gets even more weird, according to reports on Wednesday evening. You see, it wasn't as simple as an official ringing up Paterno at his house to inform him of the news. It went a step further.

Joe Schad reveals the details surrounding how Paterno was given the news.

Latestpic_normal Paterno received at his home an envelope from a messenger with a # to call 15 minutes b/f BOT announcement @schadjoe via Twitter

Latestpic_normal When Paterno called he was told "you are relieved of your duties." @schadjoe via Twitter
This is something straight out of a movie. Paterno received a message from a courier with a note and a phone number. And when he called, he heard those six words. It just sounds like some spy-level stuff.

For more on the situation that continues to develop at State College, visit SB Nation's Penn State blog, which has been on the forefront of the story from the beginning, Black Shoe Diaries, and revisit this storystream for updates.