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VIDEO: Jon Stewart's Penn State Allegory

Jon Stewart's choice of reference for Penn State's apparent coverup of Jerry Sandusky's alleged crimes isn't original, not that it has to be, but it is so briskly and viciously done that it's worth watching.

I don't want to jump to conclusions here, but it seems the street riot was in response to Joe Paterno's firing.

See, I get that it's hard to believe that this guy you think is infallible and this program you think is sacred could hide such heinous activities, but there is some precedent for that. Yeah.

And just like with the Catholic church, no one's trying to take away your religion, in this case, football. They're just trying to bring some accountability to a pope and some of his cardinals who f----d up.

So don't worry. On Saturday, you'll still get to go to services against Nebraska. No one's gonna take that away. Because, obviously, you're young, and that would be a traumatic experience. You wouldn't want that memory to scar you for life.