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Oregon Vs. Stanford Halftime Score: De'Anthony Thomas Is A Racecar

The play of the night so far: Oregon Ducks freshman De'Anthony Thomas gathered in a Darron Thomas screen on fourth-and-seven, then vanished and reappeared in the Stanford Cardinal end zone. Pretty sure his Signing Day to-do was worth it for Oregon. It's now 22-16 at the break.

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Andrew Luck struck back in the closing minutes of the half, lasering a 13-yarder to Griff Whalen to complete an 84-yard, 2:28 drive. Andrew Luck is pretty great at sports, no matter what contrarian analysts may try to tell you.

Only 410 (only) total yards at the half, but a flurry of excitement toward the end. If the momentum in this one keeps going, we could be looking at a mighty watchable second half.

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