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Fresno State Defensive Coordinator Randy Stewart Resigns

Fresno State's rancid defense has earned defensive coordinator Randy Stewart a pink slip. The Bulldogs are in the bottom 10 of the Football Bowl Subdivision in scoring defense.

Fresno State's 2011 has been marked by defensive lapses, and the Fresno Bee is reporting that defensive coordinator Randy Stewart has resigned as a result. Stewart will be replaced by Fresno State linebackers coach Tim Skipper.

Stewart had been with Fresno State since 2001, and defensive coordinator under coach Pat Hill since 2009. He will remain on staff to aid in recruiting and film breakdown.

Fresno State is allowing 37.4 points per game through 10 contests in 2011, which ranks a dismal 114th out of 120 teams in the Football Bowl Subdivision. Even worse, that number includes a game against North Dakota, an FCS school, and the largest point total posted by Mississippi this year. The Rebels beat the Bulldogs, 38-28, in an October game that gave Mississippi its only win against FBS competition in 2011.

Fresno State is 3-7 on the year, and will not go to a bowl game for the first time since 2006.